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Steam Train Express

Choo choo! All aboard the Emerald Park Steam Train Express! Sit back and enjoy a gentle ride on our traditional-style steam train as it transports you around the Junior Zone.

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    Ride type
    Kiddie ride, family attraction, slow ride
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    Junior Zone
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    Ticket type
    All Access / Junior Zone
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    Suitable for
    All the family
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    Seasonal availability
    Spring, Summer, Halloween, Winter
A charming classic ride
A charming classic ride

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Emerald Park Steam Train. Please keep your hands and feet inside the carriage at all times. As we set off around the track, keep your eyes peeled for the mining tunnel we call Crispy Creek. If you look to your left as we go around this bend, you’ll get a great glimpse of the Ladybird Loop coaster. And what’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the Superhero Climbing Wall!

The Emerald Park Steam Train Express gives you a front-row seat to the sights and sounds of the Junior Zone as it gently chugs around the track. Put your feet up and embark on a relaxing ride while you plan which attraction to visit next.


This classic ride is a firm favourite with kids and with the entire family! Suitable for permanent wheelchair users.