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General questions

Some general questions people ask about their trip to Emerald Park.

  • What happens if an activity is closed or there is bad weather during my visit?

    Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, an activity may have to close. This may be temporary or for the day.

    If we are aware of a scheduled closure, we will advertise in advance on our website and social media. We will advertise as soon as we receive notification on our notice boards throughout the park.

  • Am I entitled to compensation if a ride/attraction is closed during my visit?

    Rides and attractions at Emerald Park are subject to availability and may close for operational or technical reasons, seasonality, inclement weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of guests. The full value or part of the value of tickets/memberships will not be refunded nor will compensation be payable if any attraction or ride is unexpectedly closed or removed at any point during the course of your visit/membership.

  • Are tickets refundable?

    All of our tickets are purchased on a non-transferable and non-refundable basis. We are therefore unable to cancel any bookings or process refunds. If you wish to change the date of your booking, please contact our bookings office 48 hours prior to your visit and the team will try to assist you, subject to availability.

    Refunds or date changes cannot be facilitated after your visit. Any exceptions to this will be made on a case by case but are not guaranteed in accordance with our company operations and procedures.

  • How does the up to 20% off advance bookings work?

    If you make an advance booking, you will benefit from our early bird ticket rate.

    Ticket type Early bird rate Regular rate
    All Access €43 €52
    Junior Zone €39 €47

    To avail of our early bird rate, be sure to book your tickets online before midnight, the night before you visit. Otherwise our full-price regular rate will be applied.

  • Do children need adults to accompany them to Emerald Park?

    Yes. We require that children under 16 be accompanied by an adult 18 years or over. Children must remain under adult supervision at all times. Adults must purchase either an All Access or Junior Zone ticket for park entry.

  • What tickets and attractions can a child under 3 use?

    We operate an ‘Under 3’s go free’, policy. Children aged 0-2 will receive free entry into Emerald Park.

    When booking, please select a Child 0-2 ticket. This ticket will include a Junior wristband, that includes use of Junior Zone attractions, subject to height requirements.

    Once your child has turned 3, they must purchase a Junior Zone ticket to enter the park.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept cash and most forms of Debit and Credit Cards. We do not accept Diner Cards or American Express. We do not accept personal cheques.

    We can accept sterling notes but not coins and all change will be given in Euro.

  • Is there an ATM on site?

    There is currently one ATM onsite located in our admissions building.

  • Smoking & Vaping policy

    There are two designated smoking/ vaping areas available in the park, these are the only areas onsite where smoking is allowed. Our staff will be happy to direct you to the nearest one upon request.

    Smoking/vaping is not allowed in any other outdoor space, queue, restaurant, shop or attraction and cigarettes or vapes are not sold on site.

    Failure to adhere to this will result in removal from Emerald Park.

  • Can I bring prams, scooters, trikes, footballs or carts etc. to Emerald Park?

    Regular buggies/prams are permitted to Emerald Park. Certain items like tricycles, rollerblades, pull-along wagons/carts, Heely’s, push-trikes, scooters and footballs are not allowed. Trikes with sufficient brakes (in accordance with our regulations) will be permitted.

  • Pregnant guests

    For health and safety reasons, pregnant guests will be unable to make use of the majority of the rides and attractions at Emerald Park. For this reason, pregnant guests can avail of our additional needs ticket (without the free accompanying carer) at a reduced cost of €25. We advise pregnant guests to view our Ride Access Guide prior to visiting to familiarise themselves with any restrictions.

    On arrival to admissions, guests may be asked to provide documentation to confirm that they can avail of this rate. Documentation can be anything from a prenatal appointment card to a doctor’s letter.

  • How do I provide feedback?

    From our experience, the best way to resolve any issues during your visit, is by speaking directly to a team member on the day. This way we can instantly react to your feedback.

    If you would still like to provide feedback on your experience with us, please click to fill out our contact us form.

    All feedback will be reviewed by a member of our Guest Experience team who will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. Response times may increase during peak times.

    To help us investigate fully, please ensure you provide us with proof of visit such as tickets or receipts.

  • I have a large group attending, can we check in separately?

    We cannot partially process any bookings on arrival. For this reason we would ask that all guests booked in the same transaction arrive and check in together.

  • Lost and Found

    If you have lost an item during your visit , please report details to the reception desk in admissions before you leave or contact the team as soon as possible using our web form.

    Please note: We can only store items for a maximum of 90 days after this we will donate any usable items to charity.

Gift cards

Your questions answered about Emerald Park gift cards. You can buy gift cards online.

  • Where can I redeem an Emerald Park gift card?
    • Admissions office for memberships
    • Online booking site for park entry tickets
    • Any onsite Emerald Park food outlets
    • Concessions outlets such as Scoops & Sprinkles
    • Retail outlets such as the Gift Shop and Sweet Station

    Gift cards cannot be accepted as payment in external concessionary outlets such as at arcade games, Twisted Chip and Sausies.

    Emerald Park gift cards do not expire.

  • Lost or forgotten gift cards

    To redeem an Emerald Park gift card you must have the physical gift card or proof of the online gift card on the day of your visit. We cannot accept payment confirmation as proof.

    Gift cards cannot be reprinted for security reasons, so we will be unable to reproduce a gift card that you have previously purchased.

    If you have forgotten a gift card, we would advise you to pay entry as normal and flag this with a team member. They will copy your purchase receipt and if you can present the gift card within 24 hours we can refund you and redeem the balance from the gift card instead.

  • Will my Tayto Park gift card still be valid?

    From January 2023, we are known as Emerald Park. All gift cards purchased under Tayto Park will remain valid and be honoured by the park.

Visiting the park

Do you have questions about visiting Emerald Park or buying tickets?

  • Do I have to pre-book tickets?

    Yes, we would strongly advise that tickets be purchased online, in advance of your visit, to avoid disappointment on sold out days.

    To ensure our guests have the best day out we operate at a limited ticket capacity. Early booking is suggested and we offer an early bird rate of up to 20% off full ticket price, when tickets are booked before midnight, the night before visiting.

    Otherwise, our regular ticket rate will be applied and guests will be required to pay full price.

    In accordance with our terms & conditions, pre-paid tickets are non-refundable. If you contact the bookings office 24 hours prior to your visit we can look at changing your date, subject to availability.

  • How much are tickets?

    We currently offer two entry rates to our park; Early Bird and Regular Rate. An All Access ticket costs €43 with our early bird rate while a Junior Zone ticket costs €39. To avail of our early bird rate, tickets must be booked online before midnight, the night before visiting. Find more information on tickets here.

  • Are there any special offers?

    We have a special early bird offer of up to 20% off when tickets are booked in advance of your visit.

    To receive this rate, you must book your ticket before midnight, the night before your visit. otherwise our full price regular rate will apply.

    Please keep an eye out for special events/offers on our events page or on our social media.

  • Do you provide an “entry only” ticket option?

    We do not provide an entry only ticket option. For guests who decide not to participate in our attractions we recommend purchasing a Junior Zone ticket which includes park entry, access to our zoo, playgrounds, and shows.

  • Can I exit and re-enter the park?

    Exiting and reentering the park is only permitted if you have your hand/ticket stamped and validated by a member of the security team when departing.

  • What time is last admission to Emerald Park?

    Last admission for general guests is 2 hours before official park closing time and 1 hour for members. Find more information on our opening hours.

    Please note: Ride and Attraction queues will close 30 minutes prior to official park closing , or may close earlier if queue length is over 30 minutes.

  • Lost children/parents

    If you lose your adult or are an adult who’s lost their child in Emerald Park, please look for a member of staff who will help you reunite as soon as possible!

    A great idea is to write the adults contact details down and give them to your child. We have blank child identity bands available from the admissions office for this purpose.

    Another recommendation is to take a photograph of what your child is wearing on the day so you can give an accurate description to staff.

  • Can I rent a wheelchair or mobility scooter?

    Wheelchairs are available to hire free of charge. We charge a €20 security deposit which is refunded when the wheelchair is returned.

    Mobility scooters are €40 to rent per day. We also charge a €25 security deposit which is refunded when the scooter is returned.

    Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are on a first come, first served basis, and are available from the admissions office.

  • Where do I collect my park photographs?

    Attraction photos can be collected near the exit of the ride you have been photographed on. These include the Cú Chulainn, Viking Voyage, Nissan Driving School, Flight School, and Dino Dash.

  • Are dogs allowed in the park?

    We are only able to allow registered assistance dogs.

  • Do you cater for guests with food allergies?

    Yes, we cater for many food allergies.

    For example we can serve our tasty gluten free goujons in the Lodge Restaurant. Just make sure to ask your server.

    In the Lodge, The Outback Chicken Shack, Argentinian Grill, Dino Bite, & Pizza Place we are a nut free environment and all of our chicken is Halal.

    For more allergen information please click here.

School tours

Are you planning a school trip to Emerald Park? You can find out all you need to know for a memorable day out.

  • Do you offer tours for student groups?

    Yes, we facilitate and support educational experiences for students, immersing in topics from zoo conservation, sustainability, ecology, business studies, CSPE and more.

    We offer educational tour packages for secondary, and QQI and third level institutions.

    We also offer primary school tours that include full park access.

    To find out more visit our education section.


Your questions about becoming a member of Emerald Park.

  • Do members need to pre-book tickets? What is the deposit?

    Yes, members must pre-book their park visits online. A €5 deposit per booking is required.

    The deposit that is paid to secure your booking as a member, is a pre-authorisation. The deposit is held in a pending transaction for up to 48 hours, and is then released back into your account. Emerald Park will only claim the deposit should you fail to arrive on the day you have booked. There will be no transaction to show a refund into your account and there will be no transaction shown for the deposit.

  • What are the benefits to becoming an Emerald Park member?

    2024 member benefits*


    20% off Discounted rates Cheaper renewal
    • Emerald Park food and beverage outlets.
    • Emerald Park retail outlets.
    • On special events throughout the year.
    • Get €10 off if you renew your membership within 14 days of its expiry date.

    *Terms & conditions of member benefits

    • Membership card must be presented and in date at the time of purchasing a ticket or an item. Photocopies or names on memberships will not be accepted.
    • No refunds will be issued in respect of producing membership card at a later date.
    • 20% discount on retail/food & beverage is subject to fair usage. This discount will be applied to full price items only.
    • 20% discount on retail/food & beverage will only apply to those named and photographed and will be limited to the amount of people per membership.
    • Membership benefits excludes external vendors, such as Twisted Chip, Sausies, Freestyle Beverages and Paid for Games.
    • If there is any doubt on likeness in photos, guest will be advised to visit the admissions department to update account details.
  • Who can use my membership?

    Only those named and photographed at set up, can use an Emerald Park membership. The pass is non-transferable and pass holders cannot be substituted under any circumstances. Any misuse of this will result in your pass being revoked.

  • How do I renew my membership?

    Unfortunately, we cannot process renewals over the phone or online. They can only be renewed in the park, as you are required to complete a renewal form and have your photographs updated.

    All guests must be pre-booked in advance to enter Emerald Park.

    If your membership is out of date and you wish to renew, your membership card will remain valid to use online one week after it expires to allow you to book and come in to renew. If you book for a date when your membership is not valid, you must either renew on arrival or pay the price /price difference of general entry tickets.

    Alternatively, after 7 days from expiration, please book general tickets online and we will use the cost against your membership.

  • Can Hotel or Admit-one tickets be used to upgrade to a membership?

    Hotel and discounted pre purchased All Access tickets cannot be used as part of the “try before you buy” offer. Only tickets purchased directly from Emerald Park can be used in this offer.

  • How do I become an Emerald Park member?

    Check out details on how to become an Emerald Park member here.

  • Can I add to or amend a current membership?

    In some circumstances, you can add an additional person to your membership, however the membership will still expire at its current expiry date. We would recommend that you add all members to your account at the beginning of each membership term for best value.

  • What happens if my child turns 3 during the duration of my membership?

    Children aged 0-2 receive free admission to Emerald Park and do not need to be named on a membership. We would recommend if your child is turning 3 within a membership, that you add their name at the beginning. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a full priced ticket for any visits after they turn 3 or choose to add them to your current membership at the usual cost of upgrade. Please note any additions to an existing membership will expire on the current membership date and will not be prolonged.


All about the attractions and rides available at our theme park.

  • Ride closures and seasonal schedules

    Attractions are subject to availability and may close for technical/operational reasons, weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of guests.

    In off-peak season (April-June & September-December), seasonal closures will occur. Activities such as Sky Walk and The Show by Robert Fossett will open in July & August only.

    All Rides and Attractions in the All- Access Zone will close on November 3rd 2024.

    Find out more about seasonal open times of our attractions.

  • Do the rides have height/weight restrictions?

    Yes, for the safety of our guests, all rides and attractions have minimum and maximum height/weight restrictions. Height restrictions for each ride can vary.

    We do have some attractions that children under minimum height requirements can be accompanied on by an adult in our Junior Zone.

    For more information on individual height restrictions, please check our attractions page.

  • What time do attractions open and close?

    In peak season, majority of attractions open within 30 minutes of official park opening times, however, this may vary. Please check update boards on the day of your visit for the most accurate information.

    Attraction queues will close 30 minutes before park closing time.

    Certain attractions such as the Viking Voyage, Nissan Driving School and Cú Chulainn may close an additional 30 minutes earlier to ensure all guests in the queue will have time to use the attraction prior to park closing.

  • Can I use the rides & attractions if I’m wearing a cast or have a pre-existing injury?

    All rides require guests to brace themselves. Therefore guests with broken limbs, boots or casts are not permitted to ride, for their own safety and the safety of others.

    For more information please visit our ride access guide.

  • What footwear is suitable for using attractions?

    For safety reasons, no high heels, football boots , open toe/open heeled shoes or sandals are allowed on rides. You will not be able to participate on these activities if you don’t have suitable footwear.

    We would recommend flat, sensible, comfortable walking shoes or runners when visiting Emerald Park.

  • Am I entitled to a refund if a ride/attraction is closed during my visit?

    Rides and attractions at Emerald Park are subject to availability and may close for operational or technical reasons, seasonality, inclement weather, special events or to ensure the safety and security of guests. The full value or part of the value of tickets/memberships will not be refunded nor will compensation be payable if any attraction or ride is unexpectedly closed or removed at any point during the course of your visit/membership.

Tír na nÓg

  • What is Tír na nÓg?

    Tír na nÓg is the first fully themed and immersive land at Emerald Park and is guaranteed to excite both thrill seekers and families alike. The name Tír na nÓg is rooted in Irish mythology, stemming from the classic story of Oisín and Niamh, and their legendary journey to the Land of Eternal Youth.

  • What is in Tír na nÓg?

    Tír na nÓg has two new rollercoasters; a Suspended Thrill Coaster called Na Fianna Force, a Family Boomerang called The Quest, along with a third classic theme park ride, a Waveswinger called the Celtic Dreamer. Along with these new attractions, there will be new food & beverage, concessionary, and retail units which will also be fully themed.

  • Is Tír na nÓg open?

    Yes! Tír na nÓg is now open for all guests to enjoy.

  • Do I have to pay to enter Tír na nÓg?

    Entry to Tír na nÓg is included in all ticket prices. An All Access ticket must be purchased for Na Fianna Force and The Quest. A Junior Zone ticket will allow access to The Celtic Dreamer.

  • Who is Tír na nÓg suitable for?

    Tír na nÓg is a magical area of Emerald Park to be enjoyed by the whole family!