Tír na nÓg | Emerald Park | New Land

Discover the Land of Eternal Youth

A new world had landed at Emerald Park.

Embark into the otherworld full of mythical adventure, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Discover ancient ruins, secret passages, and treasure troves around every corner.

The magic of Tír na nÓg awaits your arrival. Step through the gates…

Na Fianna Force
  • Not for the faint hearted!
  • Largest of the two rollercoasters
  • Track above riders heads
  • Inversions that guarantee three upside down experiences
  • Track length of 750m
  • Highest track point of 32m
  • Speeds of 90km/h
  • Minimum height 1.2m
The Quest
  • Includes forwards and backwards runs on the track and through the station
  • Track length of 450m
  • Highest track point of 25m
  • Speeds of 60km/h
  • Minimum height 0.95m accompanied by an adult. 1.2m unaccompanied by an adult.
Celtic Dreamer
  • Wave Swinger
  • Highest point 12.6m
  • Distance travelled 1km
  • Speeds of 36km/h
  • 56-seater wave swinger attraction
  • Minimum height 1m accompanied by an adult. 1.2m unaccompanied by an adult.

Are you warrior worthy?

Tír na nÓg beckons

You are hereby invited to the mystic land of Tír na nÓg. Discover ancient Celtic routes and traverse through the mist to bring to life a legend of old. Two new rollercoasters await your journey into this secret dimension. Prepare to unleash the legend.

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Go forth and prove your worthiness, conquer the coasters if you can. Are you the warrior the realm seeks?