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Na Fianna Force

A true warrior feels the fierceness of the forge fire… Embark on a trial of strength, as you set out to prove your might and earn your ranking as a true Na Fianna warrior.

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    Suspended thrill coaster, thrill ride, rollercoaster, big drops, upside down
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    Tír na nÓg
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    All Access
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    Minimum 1.2m
    Maximum 2.05m
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    Spring, Summer, Halloween
Set out to prove your might
Set out to prove your might

Na Fianna were a legendary band of fierce Irish warriors. They roamed around the country embarking on many adventures throughout the Iron Ages and early Middle Ages. Signing up for your local Fiann was a Rite of Passage for Irish teens, and only the strongest and smartest of youth’s were accepted.

Fionn MacCumhaill is one of the most renowned leaders of Na Fianna. He led the mighty group of warriors into battle on the Hill of Tara, to defeat the legendary Oilliphéist, a serpent dragon. Heading the attack, Fionn slayed the Oilliphéist and was thus triumphant in proving his worthiness of leading Na Fianna.

Your fate will be determined...
Your fate will be determined…

With a track above riders heads, speeds of up to 90km/h, and heights of 32m (just higher than the Cú Chulainn coaster), Na Fianna Force is an epic new attraction within the themed land of Tír na nÓg. Riders can expect a heart pounding experience; with a 360 zero-G roll, an upward helix, and three upside down inversions all guaranteed; Na Fianna Force is a coaster only for the worthiest of warriors!

Embark on a trial of strength as you set out to follow in Fionn MacCumhaill’s footsteps and prove you are worthy of joining Na Fianna. Before you begin, listen to the battle cry of the Dord Fian horn sound three times, members of Na Fianna, will be those who return..


Suitable for thrill-seeking tweens, teens and adults. Suitable for wheelchair users who can walk with assistance.


To participate on this attraction, the lap bar must close. Guests must be able to maintain the proper riding position, grip handholds, keep upright, and brace as required. Suitable footwear must be worn. Pregnant guests, guests with a cast/splint/air boot/brace, and guests with a pre-existing injury or health condition cannot participate. This ride contains flash photography.


There are no certain dates for our ancient Irish myths and legends. They were written by Christian Monks, many moons after they heard the fireside tales of how our ancestors lived their heroic lives. However, according to our humble Bard, their epic adventures began fado, fado in Éireann, a long long time ago in Ireland. Let us take you on a wild adventure into the mists of their time…

Emerald Park recognises and acknowledges our own interpretation of this story throughout Tír na nÓg. Some elements may stray from more well-known written resources.