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Celtic Dreamer blue swan pattern

Celtic Dreamer

Soar to new heights alongside the Children of Lir as they live out their curse across the coasts of Ireland.

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    Ride type
    Waveswinger, mild thrill, heights, spinning
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    Tír na nÓg
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    Ticket type
    Junior Zone
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    Height requirements
    Minimum 1m accompanied by an adult. 1.2m and over can can swing unaccompanied.
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    Suitable for
    All the family
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    Seasonal availability
    Spring, Summer, Halloween
Our tale begins..
Our tale begins..

The Children of Lir tale begins with an evil stepmother. The evil stepmother was jealous of her four stepchildren and the love her husband had for them. Her bitterness grew more and more and with some knowledge of magic, she cursed the four children.

The four children transformed into stunning swans and were cursed to live 300 years on the shores of Lough Derravaragh in Co. Westmeath, another 300 on the harsh Sea of Moyle, and a final 300 on an island in Co.Mayo.


The whole family can enjoy the Celtic Dreamer. Suitable for permanent wheelchair users.


To participate on this attraction, the lap bar must close. Guests must be able to maintain the proper riding position, grip handholds, keep upright, and brace as required. Pregnant guests, guests with a cast/splint/air boot/brace, and guests with a pre-existing injury or health condition cannot participate.



There are no certain dates for our ancient Irish myths and legends. They were written by Christian Monks, many moons after they heard the fireside tales of how our ancestors lived their heroic lives. However, according to our humble Bard, their epic adventures began fado, fado in Éireann, a long long time ago in Ireland. Let us take you on a wild adventure into the mists of their time…

Emerald Park recognises and acknowledges our own interpretation of this story throughout Tír na nÓg. Some elements may stray from more well-known written resources.