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Leap Frogs

Hop to it! Get ready to leap up and down on this ribbiting frog-themed ride. You’ll toad-ally love it!

  • Ride Type
    Ride type
    Kiddie ride, spinning
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    Junior Zone
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    Ride status
  • Ticket type icon
    Ticket type
    All Access / Junior Zone
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    Height requirements
    Under 0.9m must be accompanied by an adult. 0.9m and over can leap unaccompanied
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    Suitable for
    Younger guests
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    Seasonal availability
    Spring, Summer, Halloween, Winter
Ribbit, ribbit!
Ribbit, ribbit!

Did you know that frogs are excellent jumpers? And that most frogs can jump 20 times their body length? Younger adventurers will love the thrill of leaping up and down in our gigantic green frogs as they gently spin 360 degrees. Leap Frogs is located in the Junior Zone.


Leap Frogs is perfect for little tadpoles. Suitable for permanent wheelchair users.


To participate on this attraction, the lap bar must close. Guests must be able to maintain the proper riding position, grip handholds, keep upright, and brace as required. Pregnant guests, guests with a cast/splint/air boot/brace, and guests with a pre-existing injury or health condition cannot participate.