The Outback Chicken Shack | Emerald Park | Theme Park & Zoo
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The Outback Chicken Shack

Feeling peckish?! Enjoy topped fries, chicken burgers, wings, boneless bites and more chicken goodness.

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    All Access Area opposite Flight School
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    Seasonal availability
    Spring, Summer, Halloween
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    Check in-park signage for updates
A close up of chicken tenders and chips at Emerald Park

Take a break from the fun and refuel before setting off again!

The Outback Chicken Shack is home to all the family favourites. Delicious chicken burgers, boneless chicken bites, chicken goujons and our selection of topped fries. The perfect food to fuel your fun-filled day out! Feeling refreshed and ready to set off on your Emerald Park adventure again? Why not stop by Spudhara playground once you've had a bite?