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An aerial view of the dino dash ride at emerald park

Name change questions

10th March 2023
  • When will the name change take effect?

    From January 1st, 2023, we have officially rebranded and are now known as Emerald Park.

  • What are the main changes to the park/has anything else changed apart from the name?

    Guests can certainly expect the same great experience and day out they have come to know and love at our park. However, there is lots of exciting changes happening including new theming, new attractions, and new zoo arrivals, all to be revealed very soon!

    There are also lots of cosmetic upgrades happening around the park with new signage and new merchandise in our gift shop.

  • Who are the new owners?

    We do not have new park owners, our previous agreement was solely a title sponsorship. We have actually always been a family owned and run business.

    The park was previously owned by visionary Raymond Coyle, from its conception in 2010, who unfortunately passed away in June 2022. His legacy lives on in Emerald Park as the Coyle family remain owners.

  • Will my Tayto Park Membership still be valid?

    Yes, all Tayto Park Memberships that are still in date, will be accepted for park entry. Members will be able to book online as normal using their Tayto Park card. Once your Tayto Park membership expires, should you wish to renew, we will use the same information on your current membership, but will issue you with a new Emerald Park membership card. All terms and conditions of the Tayto Park membership will remain the same.

  • Can I still renew my membership using my Tayto Park membership card in 2023?

    Yes, hang on to your Tayto Park membership card as it has your account details stored. Once your Tayto Park membership expires, should you wish to renew, we will use the account information that you have provided. The only change is we will issue you with a new Emerald Park membership card. All terms and conditions of the Tayto Park membership and renewals will remain the same.

  • Will a Tayto Park gift card still be valid?

    Yes, we will still honour and accept any valid Tayto Park gift cards, or Tayto Park online gift cards with remaining monetary balances. If you would like to make a booking using a gift voucher, please contact bookings@emeraldpark.ie

  • I have a pre-paid All Access/Hotel ticket for Tayto Park– can I still redeem it in 2023?

    Yes, any All-Access Tayto Park tickets that state they will expire on December 23rd, 2023, will still be accepted on our website. We will still honour and accept any valid tickets once they are within the expiry date stated on the back of the ticket. Tickets can be redeemed online.

    Any All-Access tickets that state an expiry date of December 23rd, 2022, are no longer valid and cannot be extended.

  • Will The Twisted Chip still be available?

    Don’t worry, we know how much everyone loves the Twisted Chip! This outlet will still be available in Emerald Park.

  • Will Mr Tayto or the Tayto Park Factory tour still be available? Will you still be giving out free Tayto Crisps on the way home?

    We no longer operate the Tayto Factory Tour experience.

    As our sponsorship with Tayto ended in December 2022, we will no longer be providing complimentary Tayto Crisps from 2023 onwards.

  • Any updates on the new rollercoasters?

    In 2024, we have a new 6.5-acre themed land opening in the park. Two new steel rollercoasters will be part of this land.

    Watch this space for more news coming soon…