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3D model of Tír na nÓg

27th June 2023

Tír na nÓg 3D model

An intricately designed 3D model of Tír na nÓg is revealed. Renowned model making creative group – Scruffy Dog create a bespoke visualisation of the new land coming to the park in 2024.

a model of a themed land at a theme park with two rollercoasters

3D model reveal

A fully immersive, Celtic themed land is coming to Emerald Park in Spring 2024. A 3D model of the new area has been carefully designed to give guests a glimpse of what is to come. M.A.D Model design studio of makers created our one-off miniature model using 3D printing, hand painted and traditional techniques.

a 3D model of a ruined tower with a rollercoaster going through the top

Celtic nods throughout

The 3D model showcases luscious green landscape, ruined towers and buildings, a moat and drawbridge leading into Tír na nÓg, and most importantly, the new attractions which are due to open in Spring 2024. Everything from rollercoasters, station building, food outlets, concessions, toilet blocks and all the theming in-between can be explored.

Tír na nÓg will mark the first fully themed and immersive land at our park and is sure to excite both thrill-seekers and families alike.