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Tír na nÓg track delivery

27th June 2023

Tír na nÓg track delivery

Rollercoaster track delivery for Tír na nÓg is in full swing!

red rollercoaster track being unloaded from a truck

Rollercoaster track delivery

Throughout the past few months, pieces of rollercoaster track has regularly arrived to our park. The track will make up parts of two new epic rollercoasters. Both attractions will open in Tír na nÓg; a fully immersive, Celtic themed land, launching in Spring 2024. Building rollercoasters is a bit like building a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece has a place!

a construction site at Emerald Park with a man standing with a hard hat

145 deliveries

A total of 145 track deliveries are needed to build both attractions. A crane and 40ft truck is used for transportation measures. The larger of the two coasters has a total track length of 750m, while the second ride has a total track length of 450m. A combined track length of 1200m puts 145 deliveries into perspective! The land itself comes in at 6.5 acres, and is twice the size of Croke Park. This is the largest project our park has ever seen, it's even a first-of-its-kind in Ireland.

You may spot some pieces of the track the next time you’re in the park… and coming soon the coaster assembly will begin!