Suspended Thrill Coaster Rises | News from Emerald Park

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Tír we go…

23rd August 2023

Lift hill ascends

A piece of the Tír na nÓg legend begins to take shape.

a red rollercoaster track being built. a section of the lift hill can be seen. the cu Chulainn rollercoaster can also be seen in the background

Suspended Thrill Coaster rises

The larger rollercoaster within Tír na nÓg will tower even above the Cú Chulainn coaster. At 32 meters high, known as a Suspended Thrill Coaster, the build of the lift hill for this monster attraction has begun. The construction of the track can clearly be seen from within Emerald Park. Next time you visit be sure to grab a snap and share it with us on our social channels!

Coaster assembly has well and truly kicked off at Tír na nÓg. Keep an eye out to the horizon to see if you can spot pieces of the legend when you visit!