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Zoo News – February 2022

2nd March, 2022

New Arrival

January ended on an exciting note for our animal keepers with the birth of a Goeldi’s monkey to first time parents, mam Rue and dad Rocco. Emerald Park is a part of the EEP (a European breeding program) for these small South American primates. Goeldi’s monkeys are listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN (International Union of Conservation of Nature) so every birth is a wonderful addition to the species. Zookeepers do not yet know the sex of the baby as it is holding tight to its parents who both take turns to carry the baby. 


Zoo Walk

The end of February has seen the start of our Zoo Walk where the zoo is open to visitors on the last weekend of February and each weekend in March.

Each weekend will be themed around a particular group of animals. On the 26th and 27th February, the focus was on our big cats where visitors could learn all about the Amur tiger, Amur leopard, mountain lion, and Eurasian lynx through zookeeper talks throughout the day.

We also saw the return of our popular World of Raptors display where the zookeepers led a wonderful Birds of Prey Encounter while educating the visitors about a some of our most popular bird species.

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Please check out Discover our Zoo for more information on the upcoming weekends.