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International Zookeeper Day

4th October 2023

Happy International Zookeeper Day!

This day is dedicated to all those who make it their life’s work to care for animals. At a time when many animal species are in peril across the globe; many are facing extinction and their ecosystems and habitats are under pressure from forces both natural and man-made; it is critical to recognise the efforts made to sustain their welfare.

Stewardship is the last hope for many endangered species and the professionals who dedicate their work to saving species through conservation, breeding programs, education, and research, work tirelessly to preserve these animals.

At Emerald Park, we are thankful to our team of keepers who work extremely hard day in and out to care for the wonderful animals in our zoo. It is very important to reflect on the huge contribution they make to the care and conservation of various species.

To celebrate, we asked our keepers why they chose to become a zookeeper…


We also asked them what it looks like being a zookeeper.