Love Your Zoo Week 2023 begins | News from Emerald Park
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An Amur tiger looking directly at the camera. The image is overlayed with a logo for Love Your Zoo Week 2023.

Love Your Zoo Week begins

29th May 2023

Love Your Zoo Week 2023 kicks off today!

This nationwide event by BIAZA (the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) takes place every year to celebrate the essential contribution of zoos to conservation, science, animal care, and education.

Here at Emerald Park, our mission is to create adventure and serve our community through nature conservation. Our accredited zoo is home to over 250 animals, and our team of zookeepers and award-winning educators help us to fulfil our mission daily.

But what makes our zoo unique?

a logo for BIAZA Love Your Zoo Week 2023

a teacher speaking to students about bio facts

Education department

Our award-winning team of educators provide a range of opportunities for students of all ages to learn in a fun, engaging way.

an Amur leopard pictured from the side

Conservation and research

We are proud members of BIAZA & EAZA, and house 18 EEP's. Both organisations strive for the highest standards of animal care, welfare, conservation and education.

secretary bird at emerald park

Zoo experiences

We offer a variety of unique zoo experiences focused on discovery, learning and fun for all of our guests.

a bush dog looking at the camera


Our accredited zoo is home to over 250 incredible and diverse animals, from all across the globe.

To celebrate Love Your Zoo Week, we asked our zookeepers what they love most about the Emerald Park zoo!