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a red rollercoaster in action at Emerald Park

Emerald Park Officially Opens Tír na nÓg

21st May 2024

Emerald Park officially opens Tír na nÓg!

 Europe’s longest intertwining family and thrill coasters

€22 million euro investment in Co. Meath

Over 65 rollercoaster enthusiasts from around the world travel to Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Rollercoasters include 5 thrilling upside down experiences

Today, Tuesday 21st of May, Emerald Park officially opens its first fully themed and immersive land, Tír Na nÓg. Home to Europe’s longest intertwining family and thrill coasters, ‘Na Fianna Force’ and ‘The Quest’, Tír Na nÓg promises to be a world-class entertainment destination located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

The opening of Tír Na nÓg marks a substantial investment of €22 million at the theme park and zoo. A first of its kind in Ireland, the 6.5 acre site will include three new attractions called Na Fianna Force, The Quest and The Celtic Dreamer. The new land will also include new food outlets, retail spaces, and an entrance that will create real excitement and wonder with Irish mythology and fantasy theming across the site.

Over 65 rollercoaster enthusiasts have travelled from around the globe to Ashbourne, Co. Meath to be the first to experience these thrilling coasters which will offer an unparalleled rush for thrill-seekers seeking the ultimate adrenaline fix!

The Celtic Dreamer at Emerald Park with a rollercoaster in the background

Supporting local

As part of the development, Emerald Park commissioned a number of local suppliers for the theming of Tír Na nÓg. The fully themed and immersive land includes over 30 swords, 70 shields, 120 arrows, 70 spears and 15 bows hand crafted by local Blacksmith of the Boyne Valley, An Gobha, from Bohermeen, Navan, Co. Meath. Over 500 mature native Irish tress will be planted across the site with a further 50,000 plants used to create a wild natural landscape, while over 400 tonnes of shotcrete and 2,400 tonnes of concrete were used to create various mythical themed towers and buildings across the land.

This seven-year project stands as a testament to the vision of Emerald Park’s late founder, Raymond Coyle. This ambitious development embodies Coyle’s unwavering commitment to innovation and creating a theme park and zoo that would compete with its international counterparts.

a man wearing a hard hat and an Emerald Park jacket on a boulder with two rollercoasters in the back

General Manager of Emerald Park, Charles Coyle said,

"We are thrilled to unveil Tír Na nÓg after seven years of dedicated work and innovation. This new addition to Emerald Park is not only our commitment to creating unparalleled experiences but also a landmark in amusement park attractions with Europe's longest intertwining coasters right here in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. The opening is a testament to the enduring legacy of my late father and founder of Emerald Park, Raymond Coyle who I know would be so proud of our team today and would have enjoyed all the madness and fun of our opening day. We look forward to welcoming guests to explore and immerse themselves in the magic of our first immersive land – Tír Na nÓg."

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Na Fianna Force

  • Suspended Thrill Coaster
  • Largest of the two rollercoasters
  • Track above riders’ heads
  • Inversions that guarantee three upside down experiences
  • Track length of 750m
  • Highest track point of 32m
  • Speeds of 90km/h
  • Minimum height requirements 1.2m

The Quest 

  • Family boomerang
  • Includes forwards and backwards runs on the track and through the station
  • Track length of 450m
  • Highest track point of 25m
  • Speeds of 60km/h
  • Minimum height requirements of 0.95m when accompanied

Celtic Dreamer

  • Wave Swinger
  • Highest point 12.6m
  • Speeds of 36km/h
  • 56-seater wave swinger attraction.
  • Minimum height requirements of 1m when accompanied