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Aerial View of Cu Chulainn Rollercoaster at Emerald Park

Queue Assist Pass

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Emerald Park! That’s why we issue Queue Assist Passes to guests with additional needs who may have difficulty waiting in queues for attractions.

The Emerald Park Queue Assist Pass

Our Queue Assist Pass covers an eligible additional needs guest, their carer, and up to 2 additional guests. It provides a reduced wait time on up to 8 attractions during a park visit. It does not guarantee immediate or unrestricted access to a ride or an attraction.

We do not issue these passes automatically with additional needs tickets. When applying you must show supporting documentation that clearly states an inability to queue , while meeting  ride safety requirements .

  • Who can apply

    A Queue Assist Pass is for guests who may have difficulty waiting in line for longer periods of time. This includes but is not limited to guests:

    • with cognitive or intellectual disabilities.
    • who do not understand the concept of queuing or have difficulties with everyday social interaction.
    • who have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others’ feelings or expressions and may become agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time.
    • who have medical conditions that would prohibit them from queuing for extended periods.

    If you believe you are unable to stand in a queue for any other reason, you can apply for a pass with supporting documentation. Guests with pre-existing health conditions that would prevent them from safely using the rides and attractions , guests with recent injuries or surgeries will not be issued a Queue Assist Pass, as they will be unable to use the rides for health and safety reasons. We understand that everyone’s abilities differ , so should you feel that you should qualify for the pass , our team may offer a referral to our medical team for individual assessment.

  • How to apply

    You can apply for and collect a Queue Assist Pass on the day of your visit. When you arrive, go to the reception desk at admissions. Emerald Park will only issue a Queue Assist Pass during standard operating hours and it may not be available during special events.

    A carer will be required to read and sign the Queue Assist Pass terms and conditions to confirm that they clearly understand the policy.

  • Supporting documentation

    Having a registered additional need does not mean you automatically receive a Queue Assist Pass. You will need to show supporting documentation on the day of your visit that shows an inability to queue. Examples include but are not limited to :

    • A card from an additional needs association which meets requirements for a Queue Assist Pass. for example Autism or an ASIAM card.
    • A form/letter that names the guest, states the additional need and the inability to queue.
    • A letter from a professional body, your GP or consultant on header paper that names the guest and states an inability to queue. It must be dated within the last 2 years.

    Our team wants you to have fun, but they are not able to assess medical needs. For this reason, we will require that any documentation provided must clearly state that you are unable to queue and be signed by a professional.

  • Queue Assist Pass card and wristbands

    On the day of your visit a team member at admissions will give the guest with additional needs and their carer:

    • A named Queue Assist Pass card.
    • Queue Assist Pass wristbands to wear with your regular park wristband. You will need these to use the pass. Up to 2 additional unnamed guests can be issued a Queue Assist Pass wristband and accompany the pass holder and carer on all suitable attractions.
  • How to use the Queue Assist Pass

    Once you have your pass and wristband you can present them at designated queue assist entrance or exit areas.

    The Queue Assist Pass does not guarantee immediate access to the ride or attraction. Guests may be given a return time to use the attraction, which will correlate to the length of the main queue. You must wear your Queue Assist Pass wristbands to be granted entry to the attraction.

    • The Queue Assist Pass is non-transferable and any misuse will result in confiscation of the pass. The pass will be valid for a maximum of 8 attractions.
    • All guests availing of the Queue Assist Pass must meet all individual ride requirements.
    • One pass will be issued to each eligible guest per day and any lost or damaged passes will not be replaced under any circumstances.
  • Queue Assist Pass Terms & Conditions

    Queue Assist Pass terms and conditions must be followed at all times. Emerald Park reserves the right to refuse to issue a Queue Assist Pass or to cancel a Queue Assist Pass if required.

    • Must be used in conjunction with a valid Emerald Park wristband.
    • Must be presented to a member of staff at the attraction exit area.
    • Does not guarantee immediate access to the ride or attraction. A guest may be given a return time that will correlate to the length of the main queue.
    • Is non-transferable, any misuse will result in confiscation of the pass.
    • The named pass holder must be present on each attraction.
    • Pass holder must be accompanied by a carer 18+ on all rides & attractions, 1:1 on a guest to carer ratio.
    • If the carer is unable to accompany the guest on a particular ride or attraction, another member named on the Queue Assist Pass will be sufficient once the ride operator is satisfied that they can take responsibility for the guest and communicate safety procedures*
    • There will be only one Queue Assist Pass per guest with additional needs. Once the pass is filled, a second pass will not be issued.
    • The decision as to what evidence is suitable rests with Emerald Park staff. If in doubt, please contact admissions prior to your visit.
    • Guests without suitable supporting documentation will not be issued with a Queue Assist Pass.
    • Guests will be required to sign a Queue Assist Pass declaration on production of suitable supporting documentation.
    • Each attraction visited will require one space on the Queue Assist Pass.
    • Height, weight, and other safety restrictions also apply – these are displayed on the Emerald Park map and on signage at each ride.

    *With the exception of the Viking Voyage, which requires an accompanying carer to be 18+. The carer is required to accompany the pass holder while entering and exiting the ride.

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