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Ride safety

The safety of our guests is our top priority. Here is some additional safety information that may be relevant to guests with additional needs or disabilities.

Ride Access Guide

While we try to ensure that all guests get the most from their day at Emerald Park, not all attractions are suitable for everyone. Each ride has operating requirements that all riders must meet. It is the responsibility of guests to check requirements.

  • Details can be found on information boards at the entrance to each attraction queue.
  • You can also take a look at our Ride Access Guide to see which rides may be suitable for you.

All guests must have independent control of their posture including the torso, neck, and head to participate on the attractions in Emerald Park.

  • Height requirements

    All rides and attractions are subject to height restrictions. Before you visit you can view these restrictions on our attraction pages. They are also noted at each attraction entrance in Emerald Park. If you are unsure of a height requirement, please speak to a member of staff before entering the queue.

  • Illness and injuries

    We strongly recommend that guests who have had recent surgery or an injury do not use our rides and attractions. You should only make use of the attractions if you are knowingly in good health and fit to do so. The majority of rides are unsuitable for guests with heart, neck, back conditions, recent injuries or if you are pregnant.

    To use the attractions all guests must be able to maintain the proper riding position throughout the ride, grip handholds, keep upright in their seats and brace themselves as required. On all rides, guests are required to keep arms and legs inside the carriage, boat or gondola, and remain seated.

    Guests with pre-existing injury or health conditions that may result in being unable to satisfy ride safety requirements will not be permitted to use the rides. While we wish everyone to enjoy the rides, for health & safety reasons, some rides may not be suitable. Final decision for ride accessibility will lie with the Emerald Park ride operator.

    Guests should exercise good judgement while using our attractions and obey all written warnings prior to and during participation. If you have an injury or pre-existing condition of any kind, we would advise you to speak with a team member before participating on any of the attractions.

    Please refer to our Ride Access Guide for individual ride requirements.

  • Pregnant guests

    It is not recommended that pregnant guests participate in any of our rides. For this reason, pregnant guests may avail of the additional needs rate of entry of €25 when booking tickets (without the free accompanying carer).

  • Carers and helpers

    For safety reasons

    • Guests with additional needs must be accompanied onto rides by one carer over the age of 18.
    • The number of people with additional needs allowed on certain attractions at any one time may be limited. Parties may be divided into smaller groups and there could be a wait before boarding.

    In certain situations (such as extreme weather conditions, mechanical problems, or power interruptions) it may be necessary for guests to be evacuated from a ride, possibly from the highest point. Please note that some ride evacuation procedures may mean that they are not suitable for guests who are unable to walk unaided.

    Carers accompanying an additional needs guest on to rides

    • must sit in the same carriage, boat, seat or row and they must be able to assist with loading and off-loading (including transfer to and from wheelchairs). Our team members will provide instruction, but for safety reasons they cannot help with lifting.
    • must be able to communicate ride safety restrictions and messages and assist with any emergency or evacuation procedure, which may involve lifting and transferring their additional needs guest from a ride into an evacuation chair or harness at an elevated level. Additional needs guests may be accompanied by a maximum of three companions at any one time.
  • Wheelchair users

    Once a guest can meet ride height requirements and has use of their upper body, they can go on certain activities. As situations and restrictions differ, please use our Ride Access Guide to determine which rides are suitable.

    Please note for wheelchair users there are 3 categories that may be applicable

    1. Permanent wheelchair users. Applicable to those that use a wheelchair on a long-term or permanent basis.
    2. Wheelchair users who can walk with assistance – Guests that have the ability to walk short distances with the aid or assistance from another member of their party.
    3. Wheelchair users who can walk without assistance – ambulatory wheelchair users who have the capacity to walk without significant assistance but may use a wheelchair for various reasons.

    As there are steps/platforms up to some of these activities, please note that guests using wheelchairs must be assisted on and off the ride by a suitable carer and cannot be assisted by staff.

  • Guests of size

    Lap bars, seat belts, and restraints must all close fully for the ride to start.

    Due to some ride restraint systems, guests of size may be unable to use certain attractions.

    If you are unsure, please speak to a member of staff who can discreetly advise you of ride restraint restrictions.

  • Prosthetic devices and missing limbs

    Guests with prosthesis or missing limbs should refer to our Ride Access Guide for rider requirements as certain restrictions will apply. For some rides, guests may be asked to remove prosthetics. This is due to potential safety hazards.

    Guests missing a limb or with prosthetics must be able to follow individual ride requirements for bracing. For more information, please ask an attendant or view our Ride Access Guide.

  • Guests with photosensitive epilepsy

    Please be advised we have a number of attractions that have flash photography. Guests that have a history of seizures or photo-sensitive epilepsy are not permitted on

    • The Cú Chulainn Coaster
    • Dino Dash
    • Flight School
    • Viking Voyage
    • Na Fianna Force
    • The Quest

    The 5D Cinema also contain flashing lights.

  • Ride evacuations

    In the unlikely event that a ride will stop, guests may need to evacuate from the highest point. Some of our rides involve complex evacuation procedures as set out by ride manufacturers, and may be unsuitable for some guests. We ask that guests follow all instructions given by our trained staff during an evacuation.

  • Loose items and suitable footwear

    All guests will be asked to remove loose items before a ride begins.

    No high heels, football boots , open toe/open heeled shoes or sandals are allowed on certain attractions. This is for safety reasons. You will not be able to participate on these activities if you don’t have suitable footwear.

    We would recommend wearing flat, sensible, comfortable walking shoes or runners when visiting Emerald Park.

  • Medical equipment

    Certain medical equipment may prohibit guests from using some of the attractions. If you have essential, non-removable medical equipment, it may inhibit you for use. Please ask our staff for more information.

  • Casts, supports , air boot or splints

    Guests with a cast, air boot, or splint, are unable to use any attractions, as it may present as hazardous to other guests. On all rides, guests need the ability to brace themselves and remain in an upright position. Guests may be subject to a fitness check by the ride operator to ensure their safety is not compromised. Please advise admissions staff of any casts or injuries when purchasing park tickets.

    These restrictions apply to most attractions and are detailed on signage at the entrances where they are applicable. This includes:

    • Hard casts
    • Soft casts or support bandages – assessed on the day for suitability
    • Air boot or splint
    • A sprain of any kind
    • A large wound that has a bandage covering it
Ride Access Guide
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