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an image of a silvery marmoset on a tree

Silvery marmoset

Mico argentatus
Conservation status IUCN
Least concerned

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endangered list labels least concern
endangered list least concern sign
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    Animal class
    Mammal, primate
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    Primary and secondary tropical rainforests.
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    Omnivores – their diet consists of insects, spiders, plant sap and gums, flowers, fruit and small vertebrates.
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    Conservation status
    Least concern
  • Introduction

    Silvery marmosets are one of the smallest new world monkeys.

    Silvery marmosets are a tree dwelling species that spend their life moving through the tree canopy. They have a stunning silver-white body, with a dark tail with a bare face and ears.

    Silvery marmosets don’t have nails on their fingers, instead they have modified claws, which help them to grip on to bark when they are climbing trees. They are social animals, living in extended family groups that consist of a dominant breeding pair and their young.

    Silvery marmosets play an important role in the ecosystem, that they inhabit. By eating fruits, they carry out seed dispersal and therefore contribute to the healthy growth of plants in the rain forest.

  • Conservation

    Silvery marmosets are classified of least concern.

    While silvery marmosets are listed as least concern, their numbers are declining due to habitat loss in the Amazon basin.

    Populations range from high to low in different fragments on their home range, from over 100 individuals per km2 to 9 individuals per km2*

    *2003 numbers

    Emerald Park conservation contribution:


    Silvery marmosets are part of the EAZA Ex-situ Programme (EEP). This means that their population is managed to ensure that there are heathy individuals within EAZA member zoos should there be the requirement of reintroductions, to the wild, in the future.

  • Habitat

    Silvery marmosets can only be found in a small area of the Amazon basin, in northern Brazil. They live in relatively flat lowland areas comprised of primary and secondary tropical rainforest, where they will use dense vegetation and tree hollows to sleep in.

  • Fun Facts

    Silvery marmosets are territorial animals that will use sent marking to mark territories and to communicate.

    Modified claws allow them to break into tree bark to get at the sap, gum, latex and resin as a source of food.