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A Ouessant sheep walking beside a large tree trunk

Ouessant sheep

Ovis aries ouessant
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    Animal class
    Mammal, bovidae
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    Being a domesticated animal, Oussant sheep thrive in many habitats including farmland, grassland, and rocky terrain.
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    Herbivores – their diet consists of grasses and hay.
  • Introduction

    Ouessant sheep are the smallest breed of sheep in the world as a result of selective breeding.

    Ouessant sheep are a domesticated breed that are thought to be the descendants of the wild Mouflon. They are bred for their fleece which is usually black or dark brown. Rams have very large horns that curl around, Ewes do not have horns. They are social animals that like to love in flocks and are great lawn mowers!

  • Habitat

    Ouessant sheep originated on the island of Ouessant, off the coast of Brittany, France, that is mountainous.

  • Fun Facts

    Ouessant sheep are ruminants, like goats and cows, meaning they have a 4 chambered stomach allowing them to digest coarse plant materials.

    After a pregnancy of approximately 5 months, the female will usually give birth to one lamb.