Two baby African pygmy goat rubbing noses while standing on rocks

African pygmy goat

Capra hircus
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    Animal Class
    Mammal, Bovidae
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    Being a domesticated animal African pygmy goats have been raised in almost all habitats.
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    Herbivores – they will eat grass, shrubs, leaves and twigs.
  • Introduction

    African pygmy goat can produce large amounts of milk despite their small size!

    African pygmy goats are a small, domestic breed, of goat, that is very social and outgoing, by nature. Pygmy goats are great climbers that like to scale rocks and tree stumps. They have a thick coat of hair that is straight and medium to long in length. Males have the most hair and have long flowing beards.

    They are very social and like to be in the company of other goats. The males will butt heads to establish a hierarchy, in the group.

    SIZE: They are small goats that range in size from 35 – 55cm tall, at the shoulder, and can weigh between 25 – 40kg.

  • Origin & preferred habitat

    Pygmy goats originated on the continent of Africa, in particular the Cameroon Valley in West Africa.

    They prefer dry habitats and have been bred from species that like to live in savannah habitats.

  • Fun Facts

    They are ruminants, like sheep and cows, meaning they have a 4 chambered stomach. This allows them to digest coarse plant materials.

    Twins are very common in Pygmy goats and after a pregnancy of approximately 150 days, “kids” will be born.